SuperFit Family Challenge Leader's Guide

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SuperFit Family Challenge Leader's Guide
Help Others Learn to be SuperFit

About the Authors:

 During her tenure at Florida Hospital Sherri has presented hundreds of seminars, participated in numerous health fairs, and has worked with countless children, families and individuals to achieve optimum health.  For the past eleven years, she has overseen Florida Hospital’s Center for Nutritional Excellence. 


If there was a way to fix a problem that was destroying children’s lives, draining family resources, and pushing America dangerously close to a total health care collapse, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Well there is – and it’s easier than you may think! The SuperFit Family Challenge explains step-by-step how parents can work to avert the childhood obesity epidemic from damaging their community, and take control of the weight and health challenges facing every member of their family.

The SuperFit Family Challenge LEADER’S GUIDE INCLUDES:

  • 8 weeks of pre-designed PowerPoint presentations.
  • Professionally designed marketing materials and group handouts ranging from direct mailers to reading guides.
  • Training directly from author of SuperSized Kids Sherri Flynt across 6 Audio CDs.
  • Media coverage and FAQ on DVD.
  • Much more!

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