Personalizing Patient Care: A Reference Guide for Healthcare Professionals, 4th Edition

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Personalizing Patient Care: A Reference Guide for Healthcare Professionals, 4th Edition
Aurora P. Realin, MBA, CDM and Louis R. Preston, Jr., MDiv, CDM, Editors

About the Author:

AURORA REALIN, MBA, CDM, serves as Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at Florida Hospital and has played a key role in developing resources on diversity for healthcare professionals. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration with emphasis in Health Care Administration from Southern Adventist University and a Certificate in Diversity Management in Healthcare from Simmons College.

LOUIS R. PRESTON, JR., MDiv, CDM, serves as Diversity Officer and Director of Interpreter Services at Florida Hospital where he has played a major role in redefining the diversity program through development of the Florida Hospital Diversity Scorecard process, community events, and educational opportunities for healthcare professionals. He holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Andrews University Theological Seminary and a Certificate in Diversity Healthcare Management from the University of Massachusetts.



What happens when one book collects specific, bite-sized reference information about:

  • 20 of the world’s most prevalent religious groups
  • 20 of the widest spread cultural groups
  • 7 of the most common disabilities, and
  • 4 distinct generations?

You get a powerful guide to Personalizing Patient Care

Personalizing Patient Care is a valuable guide for improving a caregiver’s understanding of how a patient’s background may affect their needs, preferences, and expectations related to the delivery of care. This unique, field-tested reference will enable healthcare professionals to decrease readmissions, address healthcare disparities, inform biomedical ethics decisions, and improve the patient experience.


  • In this newly updated fourth edition, healthcare issues are presented in tabular format for quick reference with separate listings for different religions, cultures, disabilities and generations.
  • Issues covered include: attitudes toward blood, diet, and nutrition, healing environment, pain management, end of life issues (advance directives, autopsy, care of the dead, DNR, organ donation, withholding treatment), pre- and post-natal care, including attitudes toward contraception, frenetic conditions, choice of birth process, infant baptism/dedication, neonatal/infant death or end-of-life care, and termination of pregnancy.
  • An extensive bibliography of over 3,000 references is linked to notations in each section of every table indicating the primary source.

With all this available at your fingertips, it’s no wonder Personalizing Patient Care is the essential guide for physicians, nurses, chaplains, social workers, therapists, educators, administrators, and other healthcare professionals in medical and educational settings.

Book Information

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