Original Love

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Original Love
Des Cummings, Jr., PHD

About the Author:

Des and Mary Lou Cummings live in Celebration, Florida, where Des is Executive Vice President at Florida Hospital. Mary Lou is Coordinator for Parish Nursing and the Women's Center at Celebration Health. Des received his Ph.D. from Andrews University. His lifework has spanned three distinct phases as a pastor, university professor and health care administrator. Des and Mary Lou have two children, Tracy and Derek. This book is a family project resulting from many precious years of experiencing the joy and fulfillment of Original Love through the Sabbath.


Are you ready for: God's smile to affirm your worth? God's forgiveness to renew your relationship? God's courage to calm your fears? God's gifts to fulfill your dreams? The God who made you is ready to give you all this and so much more! Join Dr. Cummings as he unfolds God's love drama in the life stories of Old Testament heroes. His focus provides fresh, biblical light on the original day God made for love. Mary Lou shares practical, creative ways to experience Sabbath peach, blessings and joy!

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