Living on Baby Time

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Living on Baby Time
Susan Wallace and Monica Reed M.D.

About the Author:

As a physician, speaker, author, and CEO of Florida Hospital state of the art facility Celebration Health, Dr. Monica Reed has dedicated her professional career to promoting health, healing, and wellness. Susan Besze Wallace spent twelve years as a reporter and editor for various newspapers, including the Denver Post.  She has also written for MomSense magazine.


Whether you got your enjoyment from a productive day at the office or from going to a movie anytime you got the notion, as a new mom you are feeling the loss of that freedom.  Now, your days consist of short naps, constant feedings, and continuous diaper changes.  You may be asking yourself, “Where did all my time go?” With insight borne from the authors’ experience, The New Mom’s Guide to Living on Baby Time will help you put things in perspective, make the most of your time with your little one, and show you how to juggle all of your new responsibilities.  It’s not about being super mom and getting it all done without breaking a sweat.  It’s about reprioritizing, recognizing, your limits, and enjoying the journey.


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