Life Is Amazing Live It Well: One Woman's Story of Strength, Courage, and Diabetes

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Life Is Amazing Live It Well: One Woman's Story of Strength, Courage, and Diabetes
Linda Nordyke Hambleton

About the Author:

Linda Nordyke Hambleton was diagnosed with juvenile onset diabetes (type I diabetes mellitus) at the age of six. Doctors gave her until age twenty-five to live. She was ruthlessly bombarded by medical complications; however, her body’s downfalls were compensated by her powerful mentality. With dreams, pain, laughter, and tears, and over 138 hospitalizations, she exceeded their prediction by more than twenty years. Truly a model of physical, mental, and spiritual human survival, Linda writes from the heart with honesty and experience. It is a message of hope to all individuals and their loved ones who suffer from the chronic condition called “life.”


Over 420 million people worldwide have diabetes … but you’ve never met one quite like Linda Nordyke Hambleton.

Life Is Amazing Live It Well recounts the remarkable true story of Linda’s life, love, sickness, blindness, sight-recovery, disease eradication, relapse, faith, hope, and ultimate peace. Equal parts medical drama, romance, and inspirational saga.

Linda’s captivating account chronicles the struggle to reconcile her dream of experiencing life as a “normal woman” with the sometimes-tough realities of diabetes and related complications. Her award-winning story of how she far outlived her doctors’ prediction inspires each of us to love, laugh, and live life to the fullest. As Linda encouraged her family, “Life is truly amazing—live it well.”

Previously published as If Today Is All I Have.

Awarded Book of the Year in the category of “Best Biography” by the Christian Small Publisher Association (CSPA) in 2013.


Paperback: 232 pages | Price: $15.99 | ISBN: 978-0-9990299-1-6 | Size: 6 x 9 in | Shipping weight: .75 pounds | Language: English | Publisher: Florida Hospital Publishing