14 Secrets to Healthcare Leadership

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14 Secrets to Healthcare Leadership
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About the Author:

Dr. Don Jernigan is a former

*Naval officer
*University professor and
*Healthcare system CEO

who has written The Hidden Power of Relentless Stewardship.

This free report covers special reading selections from his book and offers case studies from Dr. Jernigan’s unique perspective.



  • Are you looking for ways to translate your mission into results?
  • Do you want real-world advice from an experienced healthcare CEO?
  • Do you feel too busy to read a 300-page book?

Get the "14 Secrets to Healthcare Leadership!" This FREE 28-page PDF distills the keys to world-class healthcare leadership into 14 quick readings.


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After reading "14 Secrets to Healthcare Leadership," you will discover:

  • How to build an effective executive leadership team in your organization
  • How to improve the morale of your doctors, nurses, and staff
  • How to maintain trust and communicate integrity
  • Steps for making positive change at your organization
  • Ways to drive employee engagement

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Jernigan effectively shares his years of leadership experience culminating in his presidency of the largest Protestant not-for-profit healthcare system in the United States.  He emphasizes the legitimate relationship between mission and money as the foundation for reliable stewardship of an organization’s resources in its pursuit of financial discipline and moral reasoning.” – ALLEN F. STEMBRIDGE, MBA, Ed.D., F.I.A.C., DEAN EMERITUS, MANAGEMENT PROFESSOR EMERITUS, ANDREWS UNIVERSITY

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Leadership isn't for the weak of heart of the thin skinned