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Health Performance Strategies is a wellness driver created by Florida Hospital designed to partner with professional organizations in establishing and sustaining a culture of health and wellness. Our comprehensive 4 phase structure is based upon world-class medical expertise and more than a century of experience providing hope and healing to our community. Our goal is to empower participants to live a more fulfilling and productive life by embracing the eight principles of CREATION Health – Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook, and Nutrition.

Health Performance Strategies:

  • Provides health and wellness culture transformation tools based on the CREATION Health philosophy which focuses on mind, body, and spirit health
  • Proudly offers an extensive list of products and services based on medical, scientific, and biblical principles; all of which have been tested with our own employee population with much success
  • Provides a pathway for organizations to reach their goals of achieving local and national worksite wellness recognition and certifications 
  • Embraces a Value on Investment approach to health and wellness and not only addresses workforce health risks and related costs, but also helps to improve workforce morale, lowering employee turnover and improving productivity.

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Church Health Center


The Church Health Center is a faith-based organization that provides healthcare to the working uninsured, as well as whole-health and preventive programming to the Memphis area. Dr. Scott Morris, a family practice physician and ordained United Methodist minister, founded the Church Health Center in 1987 to provide quality, affordable healthcare for working, uninsured people and their families. Thanks to a broad base of financial support from the faith community, and the volunteer help of doctors, nurses, dentists and others, the Church Health Center Clinic has grown to become the largest faith-based healthcare organization of its type in the country. 

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Faith Community Nursing

One ministry of the Church Health Center is Faith Community Nursing. Faith community nurses are licensed, registered nurses who practice wholistic health for self, individuals and the community using nursing knowledge combined with spiritual care. They function in paid and unpaid positions as members of the pastoral team in a variety of religious faiths, cultures, and countries. The focus of their work is on the intentional care of the spirit, assisting the members of the faith community to maintain and/or regain wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. 

Faith Community Nursing

Church Health Resources store

The Church Health Resources website has many resources available including curriculum, devotionals, prayer books, books for better living, books on health ministry, resources for faith community nurses, digital resources, music resources, Church Health Reader, and resources for educators. To find out more, click here.