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Speaking Topics:Healthcare Advocate, Healthy Lifestyle, Marriage
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Dr. Peter Weiss is a physician and health care executive with a passion for helping others to physical and emotional health. Dr. Weiss holds bachelor of arts and doctor of medicine degrees from Washington University in St. Louis. Formerly in the practice of Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease, he currently serves as an executive with the Adventist Health System located in Orlando, Florida.

Over his career from the bedside to the boardroom, Dr. Weiss has seen talented friends and colleagues lose their marriages through misplaced priorities. As a high-powered professional himself, he has changed his own priorities and tempered his interpersonal style in order to develop and sustain close relationships. Married for over twenty-five years, he lives with his wife, Sharon, in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Peter Weiss’ Topics:

  • The Love Fight: How Achievers and Connectors Can Build a Marriage that Lasts
  • Better Together: Discovering the Essentials of a Strong Marriage
  • More Health, Less Care: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Write Your Personal Prescription: Being Your Own Advocate in Healthcare
  • Willpower Is Not the Answer: Thinking Differently About the Connection Between Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health



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