52 Ways to Feel Great Today: Increase Your Vitality, Improve Your Outlook

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52 Ways to Feel Great Today: Increase Your Vitality, Improve Your Outlook
David B. Biebel, DMin; James E. Dill, MD, and Bobbie Dill, RN

About the Author:

David B. Biebel, DMin, is a minister, an award-winning author, a health educator, and managing editor at Florida Hospital Publishing.  He often speaks on health-related subjects and has been a guest on many radio and TV programs.

James E. Dill, MD and Bobbie Dill, RN were among the first husband-wife Christian medical teams to help establish a truly holistic medical practice.  Jim is a board-certified gastroenterologist, and Bobbie is a nurse certified in women's health.  Currently they reside temporarily in various places around the United States, from Massachusetts to Hawaii, as Jim provides locum tenens medical care, often for several months at time.  


Wouldn’t you love to feel great today? Changing your outlook and injecting energy into your day often begins with small steps. In 52 Ways to Feel Great Today you’ll discover an abundance of simple, inexpensive, fun things you can do to make a big difference in how you feel today and every day.  Tight on time? No problem. Each chapter is written as a short, easy-to-implement idea. every idea is supported by at least one true story showing how helpful implementing the idea has proven to someone a lot like you. The stories are also included to encourage you to be as inventive, imaginative, playful, creative, or adventuresome as you can.  52 Ways to Feel Great Today is not only based on the authors experience and observations. Many of these ideas have solid scientific evidence supporting their value in promoting your health and enhancing your happiness. Why live ordinary when you could be experiencing the extraordinary?  Don’t settle for “good enough” when “great” is such a short stretch away.  Reach for it today!

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